Robin Fairey - Wind Synthesiser and Eigenharp Alpha

MA (Cantab)

Robin’s musical activities began with classical violin lessons from the age of eight, but he quickly ditched the fiddle in favour of the larger, shinier and considerably cooler bassoon and contra-bassoon.  Arriving at Emmanuel College, Cambridge to read Computer Science in 2002, Robin joined the Cambridge University Ceilidh Band, becoming possibly the only bassoon-playing folk musician in the country.

It wasn’t long before Robin’s passion for buttons, dials and technological advances led him into new musical territories.  Facing potential alienation from folk music purists, Robin persevered in his lonely quest and is now an accomplished and much-lauded exponent of the wind synthesiser (electric clarinet thingy…) and, most recently, the Eigenharp Alpha (not dissimilar to the Starship Enterprise;

Despite insisting on playing traditional music on the least traditional instruments imaginable, Robin is a firm pillar of the Cambridge folk scene.  Describing himself as the ‘dinosaur’ of the band, Robin holds the distinction of being the all-time longest-serving member of the Cambridge University Ceilidh Band, having played well over one hundred gigs since records began.  He is looking forward to bringing his own brand of cutting-edge folk music to the Ceilidh Generation sound.

Robin lives in a shed at the bottom of someone’s garden.  When not hunched over his computer, he is something of a daredevil on the ski slopes.  He is also a serious ice-cream critic, being a Founding Member of the Emmanuel Real Ice Cream Society.